Bradford 2017: FEAD conference videos

Conference presentations from Bradford 2017 are available here on the FEAD website.

Presentations available to download or view include:

Bruce Alexander: A Global Historical View Of Addiction And The Future Of Addiction Treatment

Bruce Alexander, who famously developed the ‘rat park’ experiments, A Global Historical View Of Addiction And The Future Of Addiction Treatment.

Keith Humphreys: The Cycle Of Learning And Forgetting

Professor Keith Humphreys, former adviser to the Obama administration, delivers a presentation taking a critical look at what has really changed in alcohol treatment research and practice over the years.

Nick Heather: 40 Years And Counting: What We Got Right And What Maybe We Didn’t

Professor Nick Heather, a founding member of the NDSAG group and Honary President, talks about the history of the group and reflects its role in the development of brief interventions and challenging the disease model of alcoholism.

Gillian Tober: 40 Years The View From Leeds

Gillian Tober reflects on how science, research and policy influenced practice and thinking whilst working at the Leeds Addiction Unit, a leading service for problem drinkers.

David Best: Did ‘Recovery’ Fail As A Pre-figurative Community Movement?

David Best, a Professor of Criminology at Sheffield Hallam, explores ‘recovery’ as an issue of social justice and human rights.